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From professional point of view, I'm an eternal student - I have already finished a master in Archaeology and now I study bachelor degree GIS - the computer part of everything needed to be an expert on Computer Aplications in Archaeology.

From spiritual point of view, I'm a young child in Christ (converted on Easter 2010, baptised a year later), a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela (I have been there once and I hope it wasn't the last time), a Catholic and a member of Light-Life Movement.

And about hobbies, I'm a RPG enthusiast and I like hiking and everything I've already mentioned.

Here on SE, I've found a nice place to talk about Christianity, a source of information for my current school and I hope I'll be able to share information about my first field of study too. As a Czech patriot, I also hope my language will find its place here.

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