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I am a 76 year old, legally blind man. I read the Bible from Genesis through Revelation several times, and about a decade ago my reading of the Bible transformed itself into a study of the Bible.

What I mean by that is that simply reading the Bible was not sufficient, and there is a hunger to understand God and all of teachings of the Bible more fully.

To that end I pursued how Scripture interacted with other Scriptures. Of particular interest was how does the Old Testament and the New Testament affect each other. I must confess that I have never concluded that, or for that matter any other area of study in the Bible; and I am continuously making new amazing discoveries.

Recently my curiosity as to what God's master plan is, and specifically how the events of time are fulfilling that plan.

After years of study I have convinced myself that I cannot on this earth even begin to penetrate the mind of God.

I have also learned that asking that the Holy Spirit teach me more in depth about God's word opens doors of understanding which we mortal men cannot even imagine. Prayer is an indispensable tool for studying the Bible.

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